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My music

I'm a guy who lives in the Netherlands and who thanks to Amiga computers has grown a big interest in multimedia.
At first it started with wanting to make games (in AMOS). Later my interest shifted somewhat to webdevelopment.
In november 2007 I recieved my diploma (and title 'Bachelor of Art & Technology'). Nowadays I work developing with and in a proprietary framework (Tollium) for making webapplications.

Some projects I work on:

  • Hobby:
    • experimenting with webtechnologies
    • playing with my cats
    • playing World of Warcraft (time permitting)
    • The AmigaCoding WIKI (check the AmigaCoding logbook)
    • more than I have time for (so I switch back and forth between hobbies :P)
    • was writing an CMS two years ago, will probably continue work for it for a work related project

Amiga related projects



  • helped out with a problem in APME 1.4 (mult-configuration support for AMOSPro)
  • wrote some of the tips for 'AMOS optimisation tips'
  • 680x0/AGA-fixed Biplanes Duel (reviewed in one of the Amiga Information Online diskmags)
  • started the '' website in september 2007


  • a website called 'Amiga Heaven' (1998-2005 ?)
  • was credited (by Virus Help Team Denmark) for being one of the first to report the Zakapior trojan (see's at aminet)
  • lots of unreleased projects, like an intro/demo I was writing in 1998 (last worked on in 2000)
  • hanged out a lot on #amigaexotica (around 1998-2001 ??)
  • helped Guffaw rip intros (from one-files games (for example intro in Larry by Star Frontiers, trackdisk (f.e. from The Cardinals) etc)
  • ripped some rare tunes (like Raven theme 2) (MP3 version on SOAMC)