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vbcc v0.9

vbcc is a c-compiler which supports AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS, PowerUp and WarpOS. Version 0.9 of vbcc has been released and is available on the vbcc website

Allegro for AmigaOS v4.0

Game development library 'Allegro' has been ported to AmigaOS v4.0. It can be downloaded at

LUA 5.1.4

An 68k version of the scripting language LUA 5.1.4 has been released on Aminet. It can be downloaded from aminet.

PortableE r3

Release r3 of PortablE is now available featuring much faster resultant code and build scripts with support for several popular libraries as well.

ECX v2.0.0

v2.0.0 of ECX, a compiler for Amiga E has been released. Amongst the changes is experimental support for AmigaOS4/PPC and support for various MorphOS 2 specific modules. See the readme for the full changelog, download ECX v2.0.0 or visit the ECX website.

AMOSPro manual as PDF / HTML

An PDF version and HTML version of the AMOSPro manual have been uploaded to Aminet.

AmiBlitz 3.1 released

Today AmiBlitz 3.1 was released. (AmiBlitz is a successor/continuation of BlitzBasic for the Amiga)

PortablE r2 released

PortablE r2 has been released. See the PortableE website for more information.

PortablE r1 released

PortablE r1 has been released. PorablE is a language based on AmigaE, which functions as a meta-compiler. Instead of directly generating binaries it can generate C++ or AmigaE sourcecode.

AmiBlitz 3 'final beta' released

Last week a 'final beta' of AmiBlitz 3 was released. (AmiBlitz is a successor/continuation of BlitzBasic for the Amiga)

ECX 1.9.0 released

Version 1.9.0 of the Amiga E compiler ECS has been released. Both the executable and sourcecode can be downloaded from Aminet or the ECX website.

AsmOne v1.49 RC2 released

Boush^TFA released AsmOne v1.49 RC2 yesterday. This and other version can now be downloaded from the AsmOne page.