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A part of the information on the Amiga Coding WIKI came from various existing documents. These great resources were scattered on internet or other places. We brought these resources to the Amiga Coding WIKI for these purposes:

  • to have a central place for information, references and tutorials
  • to provide an easy way for those with the knowlegde to update the information these resources provide
  • rather than reinvent the wheel make the best/more usefull pre-existing resources more accessable

Resources on AMOS

  • AMOS Online Helpsystem (1993)
    with permission from François Lionet

  • AMOS extension list (2007)
    written by by Andrew D. Burton

  • AMOS Code Optimisation Tips (1997)
    compiled by Ben Wyatt with help from people from the AMOS-list

  • AMOS File Formats
    written by Kyzer (thanks for permission!)

Resources on 680x0