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Minimig (short for Mini Amiga) is an open source re-implementation of an Amiga 500 using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).


Minimig started life in secrecy around January 2005 as a proof of concept by Dutch electrical engineer Dennis van Weeren. He intended Minimig as the answer to the ongoing discussions within the Amiga community on implementing the Amiga Custom Chipset using an FPGA. The project was made public on 5 december 2005. The project's source code and schematics were released under version 3 of the GNU General Public Licence on 25 July 2007.

On 2007-12-23 ACube Systems announced they will sell finished Minimig v1.1 boards for 138 EUR (ex VAT/freight). [2]


Minimig is created using available hardware documentation and information attained from WinUAE (an Amiga emulator).