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Blitz Basic / AmiBlitz offers the following features to the Blitz coder:

BASIC dialect
  • Easy to learn
  • Quick to develop projects of large and small scope

Support for more advanced coding
  • Procedures, functions and macros with variable numbers of arguments
    • Optional arguments for functions supported too in AmiBlitz 3
  • Local and global variables
  • Dynamic linked lists
  • NewType code-defined variable types (struct in C)

Support for different GUI toolkits

Quick, integrated compiler
  • Very fast compilation times
  • Compile directly from IDE editor
  • Compilation errors highlighted in source

Advanced debugger (not supported on some PPC processors)
  • Variable tracing
  • Single-stepping
  • Source highlighting for runtime errors

Excellent IDE
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Variables, structs and constants browser
  • Syntax reference
  • Function name completion for Includes
  • Support for multiple open files in tabbed editor
  • Compiler configuration integrated

Full support for AmigaOS
  • 100% system-friendly coding is possible
  • Full access to Amiga API
  • Includes provided with AmiBlitz 3 to enable easy use of common OS functions

Inline assembler
  • Ability to use assembly for speed-critical tasks
  • Support for PPC assembly in AmiBlitz 3