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This table lists the system libraries, devices and resources, along with a brief description of their function and version information. Full details of the use of the libraries can be found in the Amiga Reference manuals.

Points to note:

  • Many libraries are commonly used on systems that initially didn't ship with them, e.g. GadTools is available for OS 1.x systems.
  • Some libraries (e.g. exec.library) were part of the OS earlier than V33 (1.2), but 1.2 is considered as the first widely released version and is thus listed as the introduction date.
  • Resources are specific to certain hardware, so their direct use should be avoided if compatibility with different systems is desired. Generally there's a higher level method of accessing the features that should be preferred, e.g. accessing battmem.resource will fail on machines with no non-volatile RAM, but using nonvolatile.library instead will instead redirect the calls to a disk-based resource on such machines.
  • Some modules have significant changes between versions, so software written for later versions may not work, even if the library is present on earlier systems.
Name Location First Introduced Description
amigaguide.library Disk 39 (3.0) Provides functions for using AmigaGuide hypertext help files
asl.library Disk 36 (2.0) Provides the standard file, drawer, screenmode and font requesters
audio.device ROM 33 (1.2) Provides access to and control of the audio hardware
battclock.resource ROM 36 (2.0) Governs access to using the on-board RTC
battmem.resource ROM 36 (2.0) Governs access to the non-volatile RAM on some machines
bullet.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides functions for additional font use, e.g. scalable fonts
card.resource ROM 37 (2.05) Governs access to the PCMCIA port
cd.device ROM (extended) 40 (3.1) Provides the interface for accessing the CD32 CD-ROM drive
cia.resource ROM 33 (1.2) Provides control of CIA interrupts
clipboard.device Disk 33 (1.2) Provides access to the system clipboard
commodities.library Disk 36 (2.0) Provides functions for the commodities framework of communication, hotkeys, Exchange and I/O hooks
console.device ROM 33 (1.2) Provides access to the standard console interface
datatypes.library Disk 39 (3.0) Provides functions for using datatypes to load and save information in a variety of formats via the DataTypes system
disk.resource ROM 33 (1.2) Governs access to the standard floppy drives
diskfont.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides functions for loading bitmap fonts from disk
dos.library ROM 33 (1.2) Provides functions for file access and manipulation of disk structures, process loading, shell I/O and other low-level functionality
exec.library ROM 33 (1.2) Core of the OS, provides memory, process, library and low-level messaging functions
expansion.library ROM 33 (1.2) Provides functions for dealing with the configuration of hardware (AutoConfig)
filesys.resource ROM 34 (1.3) Used for coordinating the loading of filesystems while booting from hard drives
gadtools.library ROM 36 (2.0) Provides the standard GadTools gadgets and menus
gameport.device ROM 33 (1.2) Provides access to the standard controller ports
graphics.library ROM 33 (1.2) Provides functions for drawing graphics to a rastport
hdwrench.library Disk 44 (3.5) Provides functions for HDToolbox for supporting large hard drives
icon.library ROM 33 (1.2) Provides functions for manipulating and reading Workbench icons and their associated information
iffparse.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides functions for reading and parsing IFF-formatted files
input.device ROM 33 (1.2) Provides a standard interface for handling user input from the keyboard and mouse
intuition.library ROM 33 (1.2) Provides the key user interface handling functions, e.g. windows, menus, screens, events
keyboard.device ROM 33 (1.2) Provides a low-level interface for the keyboard, including buffering incoming keypresses
keymap.library ROM 36 (2.0) Provides functions for translating keypresses according to the system keyboard preferences
layers.library ROM 33 (1.2) Provides functions for handling overlapping areas of the screen graphics (e.g. intuition windows)
locale.library Disk 38 (2.1) Provides functions for localisation of programs
lowlevel.library ROM 40 (3.1) Provides improved functions for reading input devices, including CD32 controller support
mathffp.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides fast floating point maths functions
mathieeedoubbas.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides basic IEEE double-precision floating point functions
mathieeedubtrans.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides IEEE double-precision trigonometry floating point functions
mathieeesingbas.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides basic IEEE single-precision floating point functions
mathieeesingtrans.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides IEEE single-precision trigonometry floating point functions
mathtrans.library Disk 33 (1.2) Provides floating point trigonometry functions
misc.resource ROM 33 (1.2) Governs access to various hardware features
nonvolatile.library ROM 40 (3.1) Provides functions for using non-volatile storage
potgo.resource ROM 33 (1.2) Provides functions for controlling the analogue pot pins of the controller ports
rexxsyslib.library Disk 36 (2.0) Provides the core functions for ARexx
workbench.library ROM ->39 (3.0)

ROM 40 (3.1) non-A4000

Disk 40 (3.1) A4000

Disk 44 (3.5 / 3.1.4)->

33 (1.2) Provides key functions required by Workbench