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AmigaBasic was developed by Microsoft (their only Amiga-program) and is very prone to failing/crashing. To get AmigaBasic running correct under AmigaOS 2.04+ do the following:


Tips from the old Amiga FAQ

(the following tips were written by Andreas Mixich and came from the old Amiga FAQ)

  1. run NoFastMem (or turn off FastMem).
  2. Switch off sound output in the Sound prefs editor.
  3. Better avoid SUBs and use GOSUBs instead, then the compatibility with newer processors will be higher.
  4. There is a patch you should run at the beginning of AmigaBasic:

`" AmigaBASIC patch to let AmigaBASIC work on A1200 and other newer machines. `" Start at the beginning of AmigaBASIC or invoke AmigaBASIC with this program

OPEN "AMIGABasic" AS 1 LEN=1 FIELD #1,1 AS d$ i&=&HF3*256+&H87 : PRINT i& GET #1,i& : a$=HEX$(ASC(d$)) PRINT a$ IF a$="79" THEN

   LSET d$=CHR$(&H78)
   PUT #1,i&