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Sourcecode processing


  • Adebug (ex-commercial, now opensource)
  • Barfly's debugger
  • BeerMon (coded by Carnivore of Beermacht)
  • Disect v2.0 (symbolic disassembler/debugger, demo available on Aminet)
  • HRTmon 2.30
  • Big Brother 0.51 (1997) (by Nicholas G. Clarke aka Conan^Rebels)
  • (OMA Assembler) Dbug
  • (SAS/C) cpr (CodeProbe)
  • PhxMon (doesn't work on '060 and disasm only supports 68000 and 68010)
  • Supervisor 1.28e
  • Thrill Kill (Action Replay like, no GUI)
  • WinUAE debugger

memory management debugging

  • Enforcer V37.73 (2001)
    Enforcer is an advanced debugging tool for Amiga computer systems equiped with a 68020/68851, 68030, 68040, or 68060 CPU. It uses the MMU to help detect stray pointers and access to invalid memory.
  • MuForce (based on Enforcer)
  • Mungwall
  • Sushi/Sashimi
    Can redirect debug info send to the serial port

For 'Hardware Hitting' coding

OS monitors


Pouet.net has loads of (oldskool) demotools.
(note: they have many pages of tools but the 'next page' is hidden at the bottom of the page)