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(Links to Pouet.net and amiga-stuff.com where lots of (oldskool) demotools can be found)
(added protracker.de link)
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Amiga-stuff.com also has many oldskool utils, crunchers, modpackers etc.
* [http://amiga-stuff.com/ amiga-stuff.com]<br />many oldskool utils, crunchers, modpackers etc.
* http://amiga-stuff.com/
* [http://protracker.de/ protracker.de]<br />(many Trackers and some replayer sourcecodes)

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Sourcecode processing



Pouet.net has loads of (oldskool) demotools.
(note: they have many pages of tools but the 'next page' is hidden at the bottom of the page)

For 'Hardware Hitting' coding

OS monitors