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Official reference manuals

  • Amiga® RKM Devices Manual
  • Amiga® Hardware Reference Manual
  • Amiga® RKM Libraries Manual
  • Includes_and_Autodocs_2._guide/ - Includes and Autodocs 2.0
  • Includes_and_Autodocs_3._guide/ - Includes and Autodocs 3.5

HTML version can be found on one of these websites:

Books for learning 680x0 assembler

Amiga Assember Insider Guide

Author: Paul Overaa
ISBN 1-873308-27-2

Mastering Amiga Assembler

Author: Paul Overaa
ISBN 1-873308-11-6

Compute's Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide (1987/1988 ?)

Author: Daniel Wolf (and Douglas Leavitt Jr. ?)

Amiga Machine Language (1987)

subtitle: A practicle guide to learning 68000 assembler language on the Amiga
Author: Stefan Dittrich
Publisher: Abacus Software Inc
ISBN 1557550255

Reference books

These books are not meant to learn assembler, but to give more insight in coding using the OS (system-friendly) or (directly hitting) the hardware.

The Amiga Hardware Reference Manual 3rd Ed.
published by Addison Wesley (1991)
ISBN 0-201-56776-8

The Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes and Autodocs
published by Addison Wesley (1991)
ISBN 0-201-56773-3

The Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries
published by Addison Wesley (1991)
ISBN 0-201-56774-1

The Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Devices (3rd ed.)
published by Addison Wesley (1991)
ISBN 0-201-56775-X

The Amiga Guru Book (1993)

Author: Ralph Babel
(no ISBN, has been published by the author himself)

(the german version was reprinted in 2006, however the extended/updated 800+ English version was cancelled)

Amiga Profi Know-How (1991)

Amiga Profi-Know-How front.jpg

written by Kuhnert, Maelger, Schemmel
published by Data Becker GmbH
ISBN 3-89011-301-X

Short description: About 60% is about using the AmigaOS 2.X libraries and 40% about Amiga 3000 hardware and hardware hitting stuff.

for a larger list of books see: Amiga Related Books FAQ (last updated in july 2001)