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Amiga Assember Insider Guide
Author: Paul Overaa
ISBN 1-873308-27-2

Mastering Amiga Assembler
Author: Paul Overaa
ISBN 1-873308-11-6

Amiga Profi Know-How (1991)
written by Kuhnert, Maelger, Schemmel
published by Data Becker GmbH
ISBN 3-89011-301-X

Amiga Machine Language (1988)

Compute's Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide (1987/1988 ?)
Author: Daniel Wolf (and Douglas Leavitt Jr. ?)

Amiga Machine Language
subtitle: A practicle guide to learning 68000 assembler language on the Amiga
Author: S. Dittrich
Publisher: Abacus Software Inc
ISBN 1557550255