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Assemblers with IDE

Seka v1.5.png

Seka V1.5 (1986)

ASMONE v1.05.png

AsmOne v1.05 (1991)

These assemblers not only assemble, but also have an inbuild text-editor, linker and debugger.

AsmOne based

Seka based

  • SEKA / K-SEKA (1984-1991 ?)
    (commercial, but there are a lot of hacked versions)


  • Devpac 3.18 (1997)
    (commercial product by Hisoft)

Assemblers without IDE

Not sure about these: (do they have an IDE?)

  • OMA3.0 (commercial)
  • MaxonASM (commercial)

680x0 development on other platforms