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Smooth gfx

  • use Screen Swap directly DIRECTLY BEFORE Wait Vbl
    • Screen Swap will swap the pointers of the logical and physical screen
    • The new pointers will be used after Wait Vbl
    • If you draw after Screen Swap but before the next vertical blank you'll draw in the visible screen (and get flickering)

  • Use Screen Offset directly after Wait Vbl?

(if used while the screen is being drawn you'll get a tearing effect)

  • if your drawing takes too long you'll get stuttering


Fixing some of AMOS it's shortcomings

  • The Shuffle Extension has a 'case' statement?
  • Alternative font command is in several extensions (JD, .. , ..)
  • Better joystick support (2 firebuttons/4 player adaptor?) with the Sticks extension (AMOS The Creator only?)