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The following articles are mislinked in the AMOSPro V2 helpfile:
(due to the AMOShelp accessory looking for the closest match, not only when searching but also when a link is clicked, these bad links will still work)

  • Single and Double Precision links to HelpPecision (should be HELPPECISION)
  • System commands links to HelpSysReq (should be HELPSYSTEM)
  • =Err$ links to ERR (should be ERR$)
  • Read Text$ links to READTEXT (should be READTEXT$)
  • Track Loop Of links to TRACK LOOP OFF (should be TRACKLOOPOF)
  • =Key$= links to KEY$ (should be §KEY$=)


  • Discovered by Spellcoder (Mark de Jong) 12-nov-2007