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Vietnam Airlines offers 4 daily flights from Ho Chi Minh to Phu Quoc with attractive rates. With such a flight itinerary, passengers can freely select and arrange a suitable time. Passengers can refer to the fares and departure time of flights to Phu Quoc at the booking agents of Vietnam Airlines

It is no coincidence that Phu Quoc is known as the Pearl Island. This name appeared because this island district is one of the famous pearl farms in Vietnam. In addition, nature has contributed to making this island become attractive and beautiful as a sparkling pearl amid the sea. That is the reason why Phu Quoc is known as the Pearl Island.

Associated with the painful past of the nation, Phu Quoc Prison was the place that detained and tortured the patriotic soldiers. Today, it has become a historical relic where tourists can come to visit and learn about the painful but glorious past of Vietnamese nation. Visiting Phu Quoc Prison, tourists will understand more about a tragic period, the atrocities that took place in the past and admire the unyielding fighting spirit of the soldiers.

Visit the pearl farm in Phu Quoc will help you understand more about the process of pearl farming and processing processes, production of finished pearl. This is one of attractive spots in Phu Quoc for those who prefer visiting and exploring. Visiting the pearl farm in Phu Quoc, tourists will learn more about the process of farming pearl, processing and production of finished pearl. If you want to buy Phu Quoc pearl as a gift for friends and family, pearl farms are prestigious addresses for you.

Located in the east of island, Phu Quoc pepper garden is also an ideal tourist spot of tourists. Pepper is one of the specialties in Phu Quoc. Coming here, tourists can watch the vast green pepper gardens. Phu Quoc pepper is not only sold in the domestic market, but also exported the international markets. Visiting the pepper gardens to explore and experience the typical plants of Phu Quoc Island.

As one of the most beautiful springs in Phu Quoc Island, Trang Spring is attractive place for those who love natural beauty. The road leading to Tranh spring is very romantic with grassy roadside. After crossing the steep road, tourists will come to the spring. The water's sound echoes through the mountain and forest, the fresh nature here will make tourists who booked Vietnam Airlines flights from Saigon Riverside City Đất Xanh to Phu Quoc forget fatigue on the conquering path. Tourists should not miss the opportunity to immerse in the cool water in order to release stress. If you're ready to find out more regarding Saigon Riverside City Thủ Đức review our webpage. The crystal-clear spring with the natural beauty will make tourists feel more interested and want to stop here any longer.

Being an island district, Phu Quoc is surrounded by the immense sea, so the stunning beaches are indispensable attractions here. Today, with the flourished tourism development, many hotels and resorts have been built to meet the demands of tourists. Among the unspoiled beaches in Phu Quoc, tourists cannot miss Long Beach, Khem Beach, Tho Beach, so on. These beaches own impressive beauty with emerald water, smooth white sand and quiet space.

Currently, the rates of Vietnam Airlines tickets to Phu Quoc are not very expensive and suitable for the condition of tourists. However, if passengers want to buy the cheap tickets to Phu Quoc, it is not too difficult. Tourists should not miss the attractive promotions with cheap tickets from Ho Chi Minh căn hộ Saigon Riverside City to Phu Quoc. In addition, tourists should book tickets for round trip as soon as possible.

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