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Name: Andrew D. Burton
Handles: Lonewolf10, &eB
Age: 30
Location: United Kingdom

Background Info

I first started using computers at school, aged 5, when we used Logo (a programming language) software on a BBC Micro to control a "turtle". I also recall using various edutainment (educational & entertainment) software to learn the alphabet and "QWERTY" keyboard layout. When I was about 8 I recall using a light-pen and tablet in conjunction with images on a computer (not sure what model) to identify health & safety risks (eg. electrical cable infront of electric lawn mowers path!).

At home I spent most of my young childhood playing with various toys of the era (He-Man, Transformers etc.) and table-top games (Munch-Man, Scramble, Grid Iron, Firefox etc.). The latter led my interest in videogames and was the reason my parents decided to get a Spectrum 128K (with six light-gun games) in the early 90's. Thus my programming began. As you would probably expect my first few games were rubbish. One, called UNTTR (United Nations To The Rescue), was trashed when the source tape got chewed up and I decided to stop programming. A year later (1994) my parents got me a Megadrive for my birthday and my love of games consoles (mainly by Sega and Nintendo) began.

In 2001 I bought a 2nd hand Amiga off of a well-known auction site and discovered Spaceballs: State Of The Art demo. This led me back into computers and once I found AMOS Basic I knew I wanted to get into programming again.

Previous Projects



UNTTR (United Nations To The Rescue) - unfinished.



Alutia's Jewels - part of Games Vol 1 available on Aminet.
Breaker - part of Games Vol 1 available on Aminet.
BLIAM! - part of Games Vol 2 available on Aminet.
Simple Art 2004 - part of Games Vol 2 available on Aminet.
ABI Encoder & Decoder - part of Games Vol 3 available on Aminet.
Mouse Movement Recorder... coming to Aminet soon!


Jungle Beat available on Aminet.

Current Projects

Archiving Y! AMOS-list messages (currently 55% complete)
AMOS Database
AMOS Extension (my own!)
AMOS Extension Command List
Helping with this site

Future Projects

Amiga Mouse Pointer <-> Windows Mouse Pointer
AMOS CD (all-new!)
Dymo Thermal Label Printer software for (classic) Amiga's
Simple Art 200x (new & improved!)

and more...