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* TDI Modula 2 Amiga Compiler (1986/1987 ?)
* TDI Modula 2 Amiga Compiler (1986/1987 ?)
* Benchmark Modula-2 (1988 ?)
* Benchmark Modula-2 (1988 ?)
* M2Amiga
* M2S
* M2S
* [http://m2amiga.claudio.ch/ M2Amiga]
* [http://m2amiga.claudio.ch/ M2Amiga]

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Links on this page might or might not work. They contain stuff that might be interesting to use or link to or urls where a website used to recide. (for historical reasons or for finding old archived content back on internet)

68k coding

Rare languages

Compilers for languages that were/are rarely used.

Modula 2


  • Amiga Oberon-2 (1994 ?)


  • Amiga Pascal (1987 ?)


Custom regs/Hardware


Open Source Amiga projects

  • Ignition (spread-sheet application for AmigaOS 3.0+)(GNU V3 license)
  • Synthesis (BSD-style license)

Open Sourced (non-Amiga) games


(amycoders.net and amycoders.amigascne.org never materialized?)

Demo sources


Download sites


  • MegaMan's AMOS tutorial
    (I discovered you can get the tutorials by changing the links to end in .zip and later changing the name back to .lha)

sites with old links

C stuff

Assembler stuff

Dead links (non-amos):

Abandoned websites

Undead links


Old AMOS Factory links

680x0 related

Dead Amiga portals

Real dead links

General Amiga information

PC effects sourcecodes