Saigon River Express Enjoy A Serene Experience

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Renamed Ho Chi Minh City, it is still known to its seven million or more inhabitants as Saigon. Though it is the countrys biggest city it does not serve as its capital city, however, the city is a renowned tourist destination as it is home to many attractions, things to do and most importantly places to see.

Saigon was once a French possession but over time its people cultivated its property and today this fine city stands as one of Chinas premier cities. There is an abundance of to dos here and one such past time is its transportation around the city. Travellers looking forward to a great opportunity where the city can be viewed in a panoramic glance can indulge in the very famous Saigon River Express.

Due to the many rivers that flow through the metropolis and the Saigon River being its largest, being transported on ferries, boats and ships are an ideal way to spend your day and the Saigon River Express gives you just that. Tourists are seen in scores, waiting for a chance to explore the great city on aboard a ferry.
Whilst been on one, the express service will provide you with a comprehensive tour around the river, surrounded by beautiful sceneries and famous landmarks and attractions. You can simple sit and enjoy watching passersby whilst travelling on the express.

The city is also renowned for its fine restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and shopping complexes and travellers here will be amazed by its goods. With a plethora of dining and shopping options, your trip to Saigon will be memorable for many a year. You can also grab a hold of some of the cities fine possessions at the many souvenir shops sprinkled around town, as these can come in handy when you look back on your memorable journey.

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