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Syntax highlighting for code

Syntax highlighting is now automatically added to 680x0 sourcecode in articles when they are written like this: <code lang="m68k">code here</code>. For an example see: How to open a library in 680x0 assembler.

Guru- & AmigaDOS error-codes
Started articles about Guru/Software failure codes & AmigaDOS errorcodes, to be found under the Other/References page.

AMOS help
Finished with getting the AMOShelp into the WIKI !! :D
This consists of about 900+ articles, mostly about the 700+ instructions

Server upgrades 31/31 march

On the evening of 30/31 march editting won't be possible from 0:00 to 2:00 (GMT +1). This is due to our webhost upgrading software and moving the database to an SSD (Solid State Drive).


On 1 feb we moved to a new server which is faster and has better uptime. There was no downtime, but please change any links starting with amigacoding.gamecult.eu/ to amigacoding.com/.