Friday s Riverside Brisbane Australia - Review

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Fridays Riverside is an iconic nightspot situated alongside the Brisbane River in the heart of the CBD. Boasting views of the historic Story Bridge, Friday's Saigon Riverside City Đất Xanh is the perfect location for after work drinks or an enjoyable night out. It offers a toned down clubbing experience with a few bars, a decent dancing area, good drinks and a well-dressed crowd.

The decor at Friday's Riverside is modern, with the recent addition of the Glamour Bar adding some sparkle to the venue. The Glamour Bar is an intimate cocktail bar nestled away at the back of the venue in a laneway-like space with soft lighting. Outside, there is a large seating area overlooking the Brisbane River and the outdoor bar areas are sleek and clean. There are couches inside to help you relax, music you can dance or sing along to and enough bartenders to keep the drinks flowing.

With such an impressive outlook, the drinks at Friday's Riverside are not as cheap as some of Brisbane's other bars and clubs. Basics are about $8.50 and there is a decent cocktail list to choose from too. If drinking isn't for you, a full dine - in menu is available at the Terrace Grill and some nibbles are also on offer from the Glamour Bar. The staff at Friday's Riverside like to look after their patrons, so there is usually buckets of bottled water on offer to keep you refreshed throughout the night.

Friday's Riverside tries to maintain a somewhat exclusive atmosphere, with a dress code enforced at the door and a $12 cover charge imposed after 9:00pm from Thursday to Saturday. Male patrons may also be charged a $6 cover charge at other times. As the venue's name suggests, Friday is the busiest night of the week at Friday's Riverside and arguably the best night to take advantage of this renowned nightspot. Early in the evening, Friday's Riverside is a buzzing bar where young professionals unwind after a hard day. As the night wears on, it takes on a more club-like feel as university students, some travellers and other young people looking for a good night join the crowd. In case you loved this post and you would like to receive details about căn hộ Saigon Riverside City Thủ Đức i implore you to visit our web page. Sporting stars and local identities often frequent this city establishment, so you never know who you might see!

Although the queues to Friday's Riverside can sometimes be quite long, the overall experience offered at this venue is definitely worth the wait.