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No doubt, now, to
States United States
Represented by the two giant appliance chain is still worthy of the city-based home appliance distribution channels in China "absolute main."

However, the two giant reported fiscal year 2008 showed, early to rely on the number of stores, capital acquisitions, class
Mode expansion of the hidden dangers caused by the scale of diminishing marginal benefit of the negative effects have been gradually. Suning still persist despite high-profile shop policy and the "May 1" Golden Week set to open 50 stores in the same record, but the U.S. made clear the country has virtually shut down inefficient implementation stores, slow down the pace of the stage shop " shrink "strategy.

Information, Suning Appliance in 31 provinces within the three market outlets to less than 100, less than double-digit township market outlets;
GOME Electrical Appliances
Listed some 859 stores and 227 stores a total of 1086 non-listed part of the home store, the same number of existing 34 stores are in the double-digit market less embarrassing.

Bringing home appliances
System, Gome outlets under the name of the record to 1680, Suning will reach 1864, the number of outlets which account for about 34 to 40%. Home appliances to the countryside provided the tender documents distribution companies: the bidder
Ability to cover all rural areas by the tender, tender sales outlets in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and counties (cities) shall not be less than 90% coverage (Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai coverage of not less than 50%), after-sales service consistent with national household appliances "three guarantees" requirement; sales outlets must be directly managed, join or authorized outlets, and authorized the network to join the agreement should be unified model. It is understood, Gome, Suning 34 record almost all outlets belonging to the more loose, "authorized" locations, but not directly managed or join the network.

Suning in March despite the public in mid-town to join their expansion plans, but now has not made substantial progress. The GOME is until 4 in its annual report before the end said: "To this end, the Group has set up special service centers appliances to the countryside to the overall management of home appliances to the countryside and the promotion of secondary market operations." However, Gome Annual Report The term "network construction and operation of both the establishment of the two systems, a set of operating its own stores of home appliances to the countryside management system, another set of the Group's own stores in rural areas not covered by the authorization to join management system ", to really play out their effects are still to.

In this case, the two city-based home appliance chain Soviet giant suffered almost the same threshold of the countryside. A nationwide point of view, the two giant size drastically, the number of stores can not say much, supplier control is quite a strong. To find out more info regarding căn hộ Saigon Riverside City look into our web site. But in some areas of the local field of view, Yangzhou Exchange Bank, to the Society of Mianyang, Anhui, China Health and appliances, electrical appliances, and Shijiazhuang, the North
Honest Electric, Chifeng Haida towns intensive home appliance chain is in an absolutely dominant position.

The two giants of the short chain plate, is represented by Yangzhou Exchange Bank towns intensive home appliance chain strengths. With the two giants in the decades-long confrontation, fully absorbed the home appliance chain standard operating experience and has successfully built the brand, institutional, information management platform for the latter, the shortcomings of the sound is only a matter of time Congenital not enough. I am an expert from China Crafts Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as thor alarm system , battery backup siren.