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Blitz Basic / AmiBlitz allows the use of so-called "Resident" files. These files are chunks of pre-compiled Blitz code, and are usually used to add predefined structs, constants and macros to your code, such as for use with the standard OS libraries.

Adding Resident Files

To add resident files to your source, go to the Compiler Settings window, opened from the Compiler menu of the main Blitz editor. In this window there is an area for Resident files; simply click in the box and add a new line for each resident file you wish to add. In AmiBlitz you should only enter the name of the file itself, AmiBlitz will know where to look for it. Blitz Basic requires the path to the file, which is usually something like BlitzLibs:ExampleFile.res.

Useful Resident Files

Contains all the structs, constants

Common Errors

Creating Resident Files

It is possible to create your own resident files, which can be useful for reusing large chunks of code in multiple programs