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an example can be found on AMOSPro_Examples:Examples/H-5/Help_51.AMOS

PRINTER DUMP sends the current screen straight to the printer, just as it appears on your TV set.

Printer Dump

Dumps the entire screen in a single operation.

Printer Dump x1,y1 to x2,y2

Transmits a selected area of your screen to the printer, retaining the present aspect ratio and the screen size.

x1,y1 hold the position of the top left corner of your image

x2,y2 set the location of the point diagonally opposite.

Printer Dump x1,y1 to x2,y2,px,py,s

Prints a section of the screen using your own aspect ratios and size parameters.

x1,y1 define the top left corner of the area to be printed.

x2,y2 enter the coordinates of the bottom right of the image.

px,py specify the dimensions of the final printout. These values are measured in "printer pixels" rather than normal screen points. They vary depending on the command options you've set with s.

s is a special command parameter which tells the printer precisely how to draw your image onto the paper. See the AMOS Pro User Guide for a list of the various options.