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an example can be found on AMOSPro_Tutorial:Tutorials/fade.AMOS

Fades a selected range of colours onto the screen.

Fade speed

Slowly reduces all the colour values down to zero (black).

speed holds the delay in 50th of a second between each step.

Fade Speed To $RGB,$RGB...

Fades using a list of colour values, separated by commas. You can include as many values as you like. Providing you keep the commas in their original positions, you can also omit colours from the fade. Eg. Fade 10 To 1,,3, : Rem only affects colours 0 and 2

Fade speed To screen number

Fades the colours into the colour palette used by the selected AMOS Screen. A value of -1 fades the colours from the Sprite Palette instead.

Fade speed To screen,number,mask

mask is an optional bit-pattern specifying which colours are to be changed. Bit 0 affects the first colour, bit 1 the second etc.