AMOSi:Direct Mode Editing Keys

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Here is a list of the editing keys and their effects when in Direct Mode.

[Backspace] Delete character to the left of cursor.
[Del] Delete character at cursor current location. [Return] Execute current line of commands. [Left] Move cursor one space left. [Right] Move cursor one space right. [Shift]+[Left] Move cursor to previous word. [Shift]+[Right] Move cursor to next word. [Up] Moves the history buffer to the previous line [Down] Scrolls the next line from the history buffer [Esc] Leave Direct Mode. Go to main editing window. [Control]+[Up] Moves the entire direct mode window up. [Control]+[Down] Moves the direct mode window down. [Shift]+[Up] Reduces the size of the direct mode window. [Shift]+[Down] Expands the direct mode window

Note:Run does not work from direct mode.