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an example can be found on AMOSPro_Tutorial:Tutorials/Interface/Communication.AMOS

Opens up a "communications channel" to your new AMOS interface program.

Dialog Open channel,Interface$
Dialog Open channel,program

channel is the number of the channel to open, starting from one.

Interface$ is an AMOS string containing one or more Interface programs to be initialised. If your string contains several programs, each routine should begin with a LAbel instruction and end with an "EXit" command.

program holds the number of an Interface program installed in the resource bank. See the RESOURCE BANK command for details

Dialog Open channel,Interface$,nvar
Dialog Open channel,program,nvar

nvar sets the size of the variable array used by your Interface program. Each extra variable takes up 4 bytes of memory.

Dialog Open channel,Interface$,nvar,buffer
Dialog Open channel,program,nvar,buffer

buffer sets the size of an internal memory area used by your Interface programs. As a default, the buffer is just 1k for each channel you've defined, but if your interface is very complex, you may need to increase this value dramatically.