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an example can be found on AMOSPro_Tutorial:Tutorials/Interface/Simple_requester.AMOS

Displays a requestor or dialogue box on the screen using a set of instructions from an Interface command string or resource bank.

button=Dialog Box(Interface$)
button=Dialog Box(program)

Interface$ is a normal AMOS string containing your Interface program.

program is the number of an Interface program from the resource bank.

button=Dialog Box(Interface$,p0)
button=Dialog Box(program,p0)
button=Dialog Box(Interface$,p0,p1$)
button=Dialog Box(program,p0,p1$)

p0 contains an optional value which is loaded straight into the internal variable array. It can be accessed using the 0 VA command from your dialogue box or requestor.

p1$ holds an optional string value which will be forwarded to your
Interface program.

It will be saved as item 1 of the variable array (1 VA).

button=Dialog Box(Interface$,p0,p1$,x,y)
button=Dialog Box(program,p0,p1$,x,y)

x,y positions the dialogue box on the screen using a couple of coordinate values. These coordinates can be overridden using a BA command inside your Interface program.

Note: If you want your Interface program to wait for user's input,you MUST include a RUn command before your final EXit;