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Here is a list of all the AMOS Professional control keys available when in the Main Editor and their usage. If you've changed the key combinations that select your menu items, this list will be wrong.

[Left] Move cursor one space left.
[Right] Move cursor one space right. [Up] Move cursor up to next available line. [Down] Move cursor down to next available line.

[Shift]+[Left] Move cursor to previous word.
[Shift]+[Right] Move cursor to next word. [Shift]+[Up] Move cursor to top line of current page. [Shift]+[Down] Move cursor to bottom line of current page.

[Ctr]+[Up] Display previous page.
[Ctr]+[Down] Display next page.

[Shift]+[Ctr]+[Up] Jump to start of program.
[Shift]+[Ctr]+[Down] Jump to end of program.