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an example can be found on AMOSPro_Tutorial:Tutorials/Amal/Amal_4.AMOS

Assigns an animation channel to anobject type. Allowable object types include sprites, bobs, screens or rainbows!

Channel channelnumber To Sprite s

Nominates an AMAL channel to sprite number s.

Channel channelnumber To Bob b

Appoints an AMAL channel to Bob b

Channel channelnumber To Screen Display d

Moves the position of screen d using an AMAL channel. These screens CAN'T be animated using Anim or the A register. They can only be repositioned.

Channel channelnumber To Screen Offset h

Installs the channel for use with Hardware Scrolling. Screen h can now be scrolled directly using the X and Y registers, or using the AMAL Move command.

Channel channelnumber to Screen Size z

Sets up your AMAL channel to change the size of your chosen AMOS screen.

Channel channelnumber To Rainbow r

Scrolls a rainbow created using SET RAINBOW from inside an AMAL program. X holds the number of the first colour in the table to be displayed, Y stores the position of the rainbow on the screen, and A contains the height.