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AMOS 'The Creator'

AMOS v1.35.png

AMOS compiler

AMOS Compiler box front.jpg

See the AMOS Compiler article for boxscans and more info

  • 1.36 - Amos Compiler 1.36 Update'
    (APD #373)



Easy AMOS was released on 23 april 1992.

More Easy AMOS images: Back Cover, Disks, Manual and Welcome Card


AMOSPro V2 editor pic1.png

AMOSPro was released in autumn 1992

  • V0.92 ??
  • V1.00
  • V1.11 - Locked up on some machines
  • V1.12 - on AMOS PD #466 (Amos Pro V1.12 Update)
  • V2.00 - Upgrade from 1.12 came with AmosPro Compiler
  • Amiga Format coverdisk version (V1.12 or V2.00 ?)
  • There were some patches created by Pietro Ghizzoni:
    • (?) fix for a print command?
    • (27 aug 1998) speed of flipping between AMOS and Workbench twice as fast and more OS-friendly
      and 'The interlace problem with AmigaOS 3.1 is fixed' [1]
    • (11 sep 1998) 'Limit Bob' command fixed [2]
    • (13 may 2000) fix for compiled AMOS programs (in Header_CLI.Lib and Header_BackStart.Lib) where memory is deallocated before amos.library is finished cleaning up [3]



(Also check out the AMOS screenshots page)