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François Lionet

The programmer of AMOS, Easy AMOS and AMOSPro. Nowadays he works for a company called Clickteam, of which he was one of the founders. Clickteam makes game-creation tools for Windows.

Chris Hodges

Wrote the AMCAF extension. Also wrote some games in AMOS, like MegaTron and .....

Mel Croucher

One of the authors of the AMOSPro manual.

Stephen Hill

One of the authors of the AMOSPro manual.

Ronnie Simpson

Wrote demos for AMOSPro (?)

Richard Vanner

Project manager for AMOSPro (?)

Andy Church

currently works as an information systems engineer-plus-video game programmer in Japan.

What did he do?

Leaded the 'Amos Developers Team' who tried to take over development of AMOS in 1994

Fabrizio Bazzo

Wrote ApcII (Intuition interface for AmosPro compiler 2.0) so you could compile from your Workbench screen.