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  • Christmas 1986: the first lines of STOS are written for the Atari-ST
  • November 1987: STOS is launched in France, with staggering sales of four dozen copies
  • Spring 1988: Manderin Software agree to publish STOS in England, provided that one or two improvements are made
  • Autumn 1988: STOS launch is greeted with acclaim, success and the recognition that an Amiga version may be of some interest.
  • Februari 1989: launch of the STOS Compiler
  • April 1989: AMOS programming commences, and comes to a temporary halt on 19th March 1990, when Francois Lionet is conscripted into the French army. Programming is completed in uniform, in secret and under stress.
  • June 12th 1990: launch of AMOS V1.1.
  • August 1990: manual and extras disc are added.
  • September 1990: after feedback from users, AMOS V1.21 is launched. Updates are put into the Public Domain, making them free to the already loyal band of AMOS users. Programming begins on the AMOS Compiler.
  • March 1991: Monsieur Lionet's military service comes to an end, and the French version of AMOS is launched to celebrate this event.
  • June 1991: AMOS Compiler and AMOS V1.3 are both launched.
  • July 1991: AMOS-3D is released, and a streamlined beginner's AMOS is commenced. This is to be called Easy AMOS, and published under Mandarin's new identity, Europress Software.
  • August 1991: Madame Lionet begins production of a dedicated junior programmer, due for launch in May 1992.
  • February 1992: Easy AMOS programming completed, AMOS Compiler updated and AMOS V1.34 finished.
  • March 1992: AMOS Professional evolves from AMOS improvements, Easy AMOS features and feedback from users.
  • April 23rd 1992: Easy AMOS launched.
  • May 1992: simultaneous launch of German AMOS and Baby Lionet.
  • Autumn 1992: the launch of AMOS Professional, with a warm welcome.
  • March 1993: Baby Lionet says his first word. "AMOS!"

After the release of AMOSPro V2

  •  ????: AMOS webring
  • 1996-1999: alt.religion.amos .. seemed to have died due to spam?
  • 1999 ?: the first incarnation of the 'AMOS Factory' website
  • 1999: the 'AMOS Help' website opened. it had a list of AMOS quirks and searchable amos-list email database. Sadly it died of hd failure within a few months and there was no backup.
  •  ????-????: Mushy PD FTP 'the worlds largest archive of AMOS stuff' (according to the AMOS factory website)
  • 27 oct 2000: GUI 2.10 extension released
  • nov 2007: inline AMOS help texts integrated in the Amiga Coding WIKI
  • oct 2008: someone converted the complete AMOSPro manual into both an PDF and a HTML version

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