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Created: 29 December 2006
Last updated: 11 April 2012

This is currently the most complete list of all AMOS extensions, for both AMOS - The Creator (AMOS) and AMOS Professional (AMOS Pro).

It is compiled by Andrew D. Burton.

The chart

Slot Extension Name Author AMOS AMOS Pro Comments
1Enhanced Music ExtensionPaul Reece3.03.0Apparently this went up to 4.64, but I don't know whether
that was for AMOS, AMOS Pro, or both
Demoversion of 3.0 can be found on AMOS PD #600
4Voodoo 3D (AMOS 3D)1.01.02AP?
6IO_Devices JJens Vang Petersen-2.1JFix of IO_Devices
7TOMEAaron Fothergill
for Shadow Software)
7Explosion-2.01functions for handling compression (xpk/pp/explode), banks, fonts, bitplanes, time/date etc.
Can be downloaded at
8CText1.32-Obsolete with kickstart 2.04+
8AMCAFChris Hodges-1.5bAMCAF - Amos Misc. Commands And Functions
download from Aminet
9Range / ShuffleChris Hodges2.82.9plusRange is an AMOS Club extension
10DumpAlex Grant1.01.0?
10ErcoleErcole Spiteri1.71.7?
10LDOSNiklas Sjoberg2.61.1 Guide in Nothing But AMOS 6a
11LserialNiklas Sjoberg2.21.0Guide in Nothing But AMOS 6a
12TurboManuel Andre1.91.9?
12Turbo PlusRyan Scott2.02.0?
12BUtilityv1.21-functions to use reqtools.library, asl.library and xpkmaster.library
download from Aminet
13PowerbobsManuel Andre
(aka Magic Knight)
13PersonnalFrederic Cordler1.0b1.0bdownload from Aminet
14The Game ExtensionPeter Cahill- 0.4b?
15D-SamMark Everingham for AZ Software1.01-?
15DeltaLuke "DELTA" Zelezny-1.6download from Aminet
15DOOM MusicThomas "Vanor" Reetz-2.0?
16EasylifePaul Hickman1.441.10A version of Easylife can be found in the "bonus" drawer for IntuiExtend on Aminet
17SticksNigel Critten1.0- ?
17LocaleJohan Ostling-0.26?
17Make Lib-1.3A version of Make Lib can be found
18CRAFTBlack Legend1.01.0?
18JD-IntJoerg Dommermuth-1.3 ?
19MusiCRAFTBlack Legend1.01.0?
19JD-K3Joerg Dommermuth-1.1?
20StarsJason G. Doig2.23b2.33shareware release from funet readme and lha download
20JD-ColourJoerg Dommermuth-2.0?
20OS DevkitFromentin Brice-2.0Distributed by Quartz Informatique of France
20THXThomas Nokielski-0.6?
20AGANigel Critten1.01.0?
20AMOS OS Interface3.43.4?
21OpalMartin Boyd1.1-?
21JD-PRTJoerg Dommermuth-2.0?
22First ExtensionPedro Gil / Balrog Soft-0.1download from Aminet
22JDJoerg Dommermuth5.36.4?
22JotreThomas "Protonic" Verduin-2.XJOTRE - JOlly Thx REplayer
22Second-Hand ExtensionTimo Engman-0.01d6?
23ColoursJan Normann Nielson-1.0?
23Game SupportAlastair M. Robinson-1.0Can be downloaded from Aminet (including sourcecode, was release 9-apr-2012)
"The interesting functions are Gsiconify(), the GsCodeModule concept (maybe I'll

find some example code modules to upload soon) and the G ... \n

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