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ACE is a FreeWare Amiga BASIC compiler which, in conjunction with A68K and Blink produces standalone executables. The language defines a large subset of AmigaBASIC but also has many features not found in the latter such as: turtle graphics, recursion, SUBs with return values, structures, arguments, include files, a better WAVE command which allows for large waveforms, external references, named constants and a variety of other commands and functions not found in AmigaBASIC.

Follows AmigaBASIC fairly closely with most differences being minor. Many extra features have been added however. Major AmigaBASIC features yet to be implemented: double-precision floating point math, random files, sprites.

ACE was written by David Benn.

ACE exists of:

  • compiler (produces 68000 assembly code)
  • assembler, linker, run-time libraries (linkable)
  • text and AmigaGuide docs
  • integrated development environment
  • large collection of example programs
  • utilities


  • V2.3 (6th release, October 22nd, 1994)