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AMOSPro version list almost complete

  • The first AMOSPro version was V1.00
  • AMOS PD Refers to AMOSPro update V1.12 as the second update and that V1.11 caused some lockups.
  • The AMOSPro V2.00 help tells the changelog lists the changes since the previous version, V1.12.

So up to V2.00 the list is complete... However there were some fixes after that (most not by Francois but by Pietro??)

Got the AMOS version by looking at an copy of the BTTR website.
Where the updater description says:

Version upd 1.36. 1 disk, [Compiler 1.36 Update], you need AMOS Basic V1.1, V1.21, V1.23, V1.3, V1.31, V1.32, V1.34 and AMOS Compiler V1.0 or 1.12 to make the adaptation. (from funet)

From the AMOS-list

Micheal Cox

>AMOSPro 1.11
I think this is a bad version for KS/WB 1.3 users.  Francois has said v1.12 is
on its way.