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If text from Input command reacher right side of screen, AMOS will freeze for a while. When the input is very close behind a Screen Open, the screen may not have appeared yet when AMOS hangs. (leaving you a black screen). Some time later (half a minute?) AMOS resumes.

How long the text needs to be for this to happen seems to depend on the width of the screen.

Screen Open 0,320,200,4,Lowres

This example uses 38 chars (so it's 38*8 pixels = 304 pixels width).
The cursor is also 8 pixels (304+8=312).

(not tested yet if it happens earlyer if you place the cursor in the middle of the screen)

Tested with

AMOSPro V2.00 uncompiled - has the bug
AMOSPro V2.00 compiled - not tested yet
AMOS V1.36 uncompiled - not tested yet
AMOS V1.36 compiled - not tested yet


  • bug discovered by Spellcoder somewhere before 2000
  • bug tested/described by Spellcoder on 28 sep 2007